November 4, 2016


Happy to introduce some of our most exciting companies. Get insights from Swedish, Finnish, and Estonian companies, speculating about the 2030 Smart City, the most interesting and emerging export markets, and the opportunities of accessing the unique SME2GO network. Full article here



Synocus Group provides business orchestration and strategy development services emphasizing ecosystem development. The company is headquartered Helsinki, Finland, but they also have an office in China.

Synocus co-ordinates the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities, with activities in Europe and Asia in collaboration with Tsinghua University. Through this global network Synocus supports the sustainable development of more than 30 large European and Asian organizations.

– Also through our consultancy projects we have multiple high-level contacts in the relevant fields of opportunity – in China in Smart Urban Energy, in Japan in Knowledge Alliances for Smart Cities and in United Arab Emirates in Renewable Fuels, says Patrik Laxell, one of the Synocus partners.

What’s Synocus role within the SME2GO project?

– We would prefer to have partners, who both work on very long term (as building the relationships and the offering to a specific opportunity takes time) but also has a keen drive to seize what is possible today (as there needs to be concrete results and showcases to build from).

– We want to be best in providing insight and support to firms and cities in building and participating (or orchestrating, as we call it) in innovation ecosystems relating to smart sustainable cities.

What’s your definition of a smart and sustainable city?

You can see that a city is smart as it is resolving continuously sustainability and innovation challenges in a public-private-people mode, it is understanding what are the most valuable things that can be developed in the city, and in which fields to use best practices from elsewhere.

What will a smart city look like in 2030?

It will still fulfill the basic functions and services as of today, but it has redefined the offerings, utilizing in-depth understanding how the citizens behave and the available new capabilities and technologies of its partners. It is more embracing social innovations and interacting with smartest cities globally.


SME2GO is a EU funded growth project running between 2016-2018 with the aim to increase exports of smart city solutions from the Central Baltic region to new and expanding markets. SME2GO focus on increasing the cooperation between growth-oriented SMEs with solutions for smart cities and multinational enterprises to create synergies, new cross-border business opportunities, and export.

Project participants are offered networking opportunities, international marketing and sales training, matchmaking, market intelligence, and customized support. The project is a unique opportunity for innovative and growth-oriented companies to create business in new and expanding markets.

To learn more, visit or write to us at @SME2GO #SME2GO