November 4, 2016


Happy to introduce some of our most exciting companies. Get insights from Swedish, Finnish, and Estonian companies, speculating about the 2030 Smart City, the most interesting and emerging export markets, and the opportunities of accessing the unique SME2GO network. Full article here


Gaia is a consultancy for Sustainable Business, helping clients become more competitive with responsible business that respects the environment. Sustainable business means efficiency, reduced risks and new opportunities – it’s all about producing more from less, Anna Hillgrén, Senior Consultant at Gaia, tells us. Gaia operates worldwide having offices in Finland, Switzerland, Ethiopia, China, Argentina and the United States. In Finland, they have offices in Helsinki and Turku.

Gaia’s engagements within smart city themes continue to grow, and Gaia is now looking into opportunities within the countries surrounding the Persian Gulf. Within the last ten years Gaia’s team has carried out tens of projects related to water, latest on the US West Coast market. Gaia’s experience on the US west coast water sector underlines that the market is innovation driven and offers several opportunities for smart water solutions.

What are you bringing to the SME2GO table?

– Related to smart cities Gaia has solid experience in developing and supporting enterprises and companies looking for new business with smart technologies, within both developed and developing markets. Gaia has also very strong and diverse experience in developing water related business, and associated concepts, partner and business models, both in Finland and internationally. We help Finnish companies to export their world class know-how on smart city related business – the companies that make the world cleaner and safer!

– A dream partner for smart city exports is an organization (or group of organizations) that understand both the overall tapestry of city needs, as well as individual threads of needs on, let us say, building and infrastructure scales. Such a partner will need to possess a cross-sectoral approach in its affairs, and be able to engage and communicate across cultural barriers.

What’s a smart city to you?

– A smart city is about people and how people interact, relate and engage with their world around them for the purposes of living better, healthier and more productive lives. A smart city uses modern technologies to save resources and energy, help its residents interact with the city, and make transport of people and goods seamless and efficient.

– A smart city will start to use more renewable energy, circulate water efficiently, and deal with waste flows in a modern way. People in such a smart city will benefit from both the new opportunities technology gives them to interact, make better decisions, inspire participation, spread knowledge, communicate and promote new and better ways of doing things, as well as from lower pollution, more reliable energy supply, and access to clean water.

What’s the future of smart cities?

– In 2030, a smart city will probably not radically differ from today’s cities around the globe. But it will look clean and safe. After all, city building tends to be fairly a slow process. However, technology will surely make inroads into usage and management of buildings and infrastructure, movement of people, purchase patterns, and access to human necessities, such as clean water. And the smartness will appeal to the human senses, too. A smart city will smell less, its sound environment will be more controlled, and it will feel more efficient.




SME2GO is a EU funded growth project running between 2016-2018 with the aim to increase exports of smart city solutions from the Central Baltic region to new and expanding markets. SME2GO focus on increasing the cooperation between growth-oriented SMEs with solutions for smart cities and multinational enterprises to create synergies, new cross-border business opportunities, and export.

Project participants are offered networking opportunities, international marketing and sales training, matchmaking, market intelligence, and customized support. The project is a unique opportunity for innovative and growth-oriented companies to create business in new and expanding markets.

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