Request for quotation: Business opportunities

July 11, 2016

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Request for quotation: Business opportunities in non-European markets

SME2GO is looking for one or several service providers, who can offer best and most applicable market driven business cases at one or more markets it/they are most specialized in. The business cases should be about needs for smart city related technologies and solutions within promising markets outside the European Economic Free Trade Area (EFTA). SME2GO is looking for up to 8 potential smart city business cases that could be acted upon in practice within a reasonable time frame by a consortia of SME companies. The business cases should be available and presented by November 30, 2016.

Business case focus:
Market forces and trends; Interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, currency fluctuations; Buying habits; Market success factors; Skills and technologies which the market needs – 1-3 detailed opportunities in order of urgency; Descriptions of most acute and potential business opportunities; Business risks on the market, corruption index; Key tax laws, regulations and trade restrictions to be aware of; Potential key customers; Pricing and distribution strategies; Industry cost structure; Logistical environment; Level of public services (water, waste management, energy); Language skill requirements; Availability of local workforce; Societal requirements; Typical time to market; Availability of local market support; Estimated cost of entering the market; A description of provider’s presence on the market it is providing an offer for.

The deadline for quotations is August 16, 2016. Get all the information here

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