Smart City for the Citizens conference

June 1, 2016

Mrs Anne Sulling, MP of Estonia

Smart City for the Citizens conference in Estonia.

”EU project objectives are not to change, build, and test, but about making people happy who live in these cities.” SmartEnCity project from Spain, Denmark, and Estonia

Today, SME2GO is attending the Smart City for the Citizens conference in Tartu, Estonia. Focusing on smart governance, smart energy, and smart mobility, we are eager to connect with the many fascinating and state-of-the-art SMEs in the area, providing smart city solutions of tomorrow.

Mr Hannes Astok, Smart City Lab

Among the hot topics was Mobility as a Service, 5G, innovation management, innovative investments, and more.

”Three big challenges of the future is digitalization, an aging population, and urbanisation”, said Telia Estonia. “5G is coming soon, but nobody knows what it will really mean.”

Surrounded by inspiring people, thought leaders, smart city experts, and actors, we’ll bring interesting insights and new energy back into the SME2GO project, and the continues mission of exporting smart cities.

“It’s important to have a vision and a focus. With the right mindset in place, you can be among the Top 10 cities in the world.” Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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