For the first time in history the majority of people live in cities, and the urban population continues to grow. This has created a great need for more efficient, sustainable, and smart city solutions.

The Central Baltic region is at the forefront of the development of smart cities. In many cases the cutting-edge solutions are developed within a small or medium-sized enterprise. Unfortunately, these companies often lack knowledge and experience in doing business with new markets. This prevents them from offering their solutions to megacities in Asia, Africa and South America, or elsewhere.

The Central Baltic region has come far in the development of such solutions. In many cases the cutting-edge solutions are developed within a small or medium-sized enterprise , where the knowledge and experience in doing business with new markets is lacking . By increasing the cooperation among companies offering smart city solutions, the Central Baltic region can create a competitive edge and offer superior system solutions meeting the needs of the megacities.

Together we can become stronger, achieve synergies, and open the door for exports to new markets. The Central Baltic area has a unique opportunity to take a leading role in a market with tremendous growth potential over the coming years.

With that being said...

About SME2GO

Exporting smart city solutions to new markets

SME2GO is a EU funded growth project running between 2016-2018 to increase exports of smart city solutions from the Central Baltic region to new markets.

For the coming three years, SME2GO will focus on increasing the cooperation between growth-oriented SMEs and multinational enterprises with solutions for smart cities within the region to create synergies, new cross-boarder business opportunities, and export.

The participants in the growth project are offered Networking, International marketing and sales training, Matchmaking, Market intelligence, and Customized support.

The project is a unique opportunity for innovative and growth-oriented companies to create business in new markets.

  • Project Launch

    In a smart part of Stockholm, this coming September. Signups at sme2go@sisp.se

  • Meeting

    Grow stronger, achieve synergies, and open the door for exports to emerging markets

  • Training

    With focus on cooperation between growing SMEs and multinational enterprises


    Smart city solutions from the Central Baltic region to new and emerging markets

The team

The SME2GO project is run by five partner organizations from the Central Baltic region.

Each partner has a long track record in activating clusters related to smart city solutions, ensuring the knowledge and networks required in creating successful exports. The project partners also have access to existing test beds where the novelest technologies can be piloted and tested before entering new markets.
Team member
Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) is Sweden’s national association for business incubators and science parks. SISP is a non-profit association with national coverage, focusing on stimulating growth in knowledge-based companies. SISP’s members operate more than 70 creative environments, facilitating innovation and business development in Sweden.
Team member
Västerås Science Park (VSP) has a focus on Rail, Energy, Automation, and Welfare and health. VSP has a long experience of working with companies that have a strong connection to, and directly acts for, the development of digital technology for Smart Cities. VSP have well-structured processes for both startups and existing companies that want to grow and reach out to a global market.
Team member
Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol is a science and business environment for 200+ knowledge-based companies. Tehnopol provides a unique set of value adding business development services, convenient infrastructure, and international cooperation opportunities for companies, focusing on smart residential and business areas.
Team member
Turku Science Park Ltd (TScP) is an independent and impartial expert company promoting the business operations of SMEs based on leading know-how. TScP acts as a strategic partner to universities, startups and growth-oriented enterprises, offering internationalization services for partnerships between Finnish and foreign players, featuring SMEs within low-carbon economy and smart city technologies.
Team member
Posintra Ltd is a business development company specializing in low carbon living and moving, and energy efficiency. Working in the East Uusimaa region, Posintra has an active role in the future of the region by providing services for local businesses, facilitating development, hosting a national centre of excellence in building services technologies, and more.

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